On Everest

This Everest expedition combined the elements of climbing, geology, and medical science setting a standard for a 21st century expedition to rooftop of the world. With combined support of The North Face, National Geographic, Montana State University and the Mayo Clinic       this expedition claimed 5 summits, ground breaking medical research, and produced worldclass media for National Geographic.

Lead by Conrad Anker, the team lived on the Khumbu Glacier for 3 months. With 4 different ascents through the Khumbu icefall, ample time allowed to setup and rig possibly the first cable cam rig in the ice fall.  Read more on the NatGeo blog

As DP on this expedition Anjin Herndon captured video and time-lapse content for The North Face and National Geographic, and edit web dispatches from Everest’s’ 17500’ base camp.

Episodes produced by: Erickson Creative

Co-Directed with Kristoffer Erickson

Director of Photography: Anjin Herndon