About Nomadic Creative


Nomadic Creative LLC is the work of freelance filmmaker Anjin Herndon. Bringing progressive ideas and action to the realm of visual communication is Anjin’s passion.

Anjin regularly collaborates with a variety of producers and directors writing, shooting and editing in a diverse body of work ranging from high altitude cinematography to motion graphics and animation. He specializes in location filmmaking, and also works in studio environments on commercial productions for corporate clients. A diverse skill set makes him adaptable and a solid asset to most productions.

Nomadic Creative out based out of Washington state in the greater Seattle area.


Anjin Herndon Bio

Born and raised in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, Anjin grew up on the cinematic diet of Telluride Mountain Film, which inspired him to pursue a filmmaking degree from Montana State University after graduating high school in Telluride. He holds a degree in Film and Television Production and has over 10 years experience digital media production.

Anjin specializes in remote location and mountain shooting and is experienced with several leading digital cinema formats including Arri Alexa, Sony CineAlt. and primarily RED Digital Cinema. Anjin also works as an editor and dabbles in motion graphics and animation.

With more than 20 years exploring the mountains, deserts, and oceans in over 20 countries, Anjin has developed an interesting quiver of skills to get him there. As an avid skier, mountain biker, white water kayaker, climber, paraglider pilot, sailboat skipper, and whitewater rafter these skills often come in handy during production.