Image by Neil Barrett

Veteran DP Neil Barrett asked Nomadic’s Anjin Herndon to assist him on a Seattle based shoot for an upcoming NOVA documentary diving into the archaeology of the first humans on the American continent. In 2007 a team of Mexican divers led by Alberto Nava made a startling find: a nearly complete prehistoric human skeleton at the bottom of an immense submerged cavern Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.

This Seattle based shoot follows archaeologist Jim Chatters in the carbon dating, DNA sequencing, and facial reconstruction of Naia, the oldest known American.

National Geographic also covered this story in the January 2015 issue, providing some fascinating insights on when and how the first Americans may have found their way to a new continent.

Director of Photography: Neil Barrett

Credit: Anjin Herndon: 1st AC

Images by Neil Barrett

Naia muscleImages by Neil Barrett