This film and webisode series follows ski mountaineers Jamie Laidlaw and Kris Erickson on an expedition to ski the first decent from the summit of the 4th highest peak on earth, Lhotse in Nepal. I was fortunate enough to work with director Jimmy Chin shooting scenes in the Montana, Wyoming, and Nevada leading up to the expedition.  Due to injury, pulmonary edema, and extreme weather conditions, alpinists Kris Erickson and Jamie Laidlaw skied from just below 25,000 feet, leaving the first ski decent of Lhotse still unclaimed.

Produced by Camp 4 Collective
Credit: 2nd unit DP

Lhotse Prj Poster

Above: Jimmy Chin and Kris Erickson plan their ski decent of Lhotse, Nepal
Below: Kris Erickson training in his backyard; the Montana Absoraka