The adventure in the exploration of a new place with new people vicariously opens a window to an otherwise impossible experience.  This is the window I look through to find story and create images. The human bond bolstered through adventure can last a lifetime.  Through this window I have found my strongest friendships, and favorite experiences.  These shared experiences are my inspiration to find new adventure.

Chasing light, waiting for the right conditions, exploring new opportunities – any of these things can lead to a traverse through city, landscape, ocean and time. The pursuit of adventure often requires a nomadic lifestyle. . Nomadic Creative is the work of freelance filmmaker Anjin Herndon. Bringing progressive ideas and action to the realm of visual communication is Anjin’s passion.

Shot on location in Alaska, Himichal India, British Columbia, Mount Everest, Dehli, Bolivia, and Montana in myriad of feature, commercial and personal projects.

Music by: Dirtwire, Track: Only One –

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Anjin Jake Heli-1

Anjin Herndon (left) and AC Jake Dyson prepping for some aerial shooting in Stewart, BC